And yet here you are, reading something you already knew that you would take issue with. Instead of reading to understand the perspective of a great many women, you read it assuming privilege and entitlement. I certainly do have white privilege and have written on that at length. It’s also a first world problem that I’m addressing, and I make no bones about that. It’s still an issue of consent, which is always an important topic.

You also assume that people who are, in your opinion, unattractive, short, or are differently abled are unable to find and maintain romantic connections. I should remind you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your response reads like a great many people who assume that being attractive, which is entirely subjective, means that you should expect some level of harassment. It doesn’t. Consent still matters. Unsolicited messages are, by and large, unwelcome and can be construed as harassing when they persist.

My social media is public because I use it for my work. My personal account is very private, and the messages I receive don’t come to my personal account. They come to my business, which is- for obvious reasons- public. Instead of asking women to keep all accounts private (or wear less revealing clothing, don’t go out at night, modify our lives in some way, etc), it’s entirely appropriate to call out men for behaviors that are unwelcome and offensive.

Your response is a perfect example of rape culture and misogyny because you seem to take the position that women should be (a) flattered by any attention at all, which I addressed directly in this piece, (b) feel grateful for said attention because others are less fortunate, and (c ) modify how we exist in the world in order to avoid harassment rather than confronting harassment by raising awareness about these behaviors and reminding others of the importance of consent. Lastly, my piece emphasizes that my work is based on my own experience but that I understand this happens with women as well. My work is largely heteronormative and cis-gendered when I’m writing from my own experience, but I did specifically mention that it does happen outside of this context as well. Consent is the point. I think you may have missed it.

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