Every Breath: An Affirmation, Meditation, and Self-Love Practice

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I breathe into the space
You left behind
My lungs expanding
Vision clearing
The weight of us
Lifting, rising
And who I am
Settles back once more
Into place again
Funny I forgot that love of me
When I was starry-eyed
With wanting you
My precious Self
Slipped quietly away
Waiting for my return
Now I breathe life
Back into me
Full breaths pulling in
The hope of all tomorrows
Letting out the sorrow
Of every yesterday
Breathing in potential
And exhaling bitterness
Breathing in my dreams
And exhaling expectations
Breathing in love
And exhaling forgiveness
I remember myself
The life I’ve longed for
Bubbles to the surface
I rise with it
A spark of light
As I believe again
In love.
In magic.
In possibilities.
I remember me
And nothing is lost
I come back to myself
With every breath
And missing you-
It’s brutal.
But missing myself?
One hand to my heart
And one on my belly
Rising and falling gently
As I breathe in
I, I, I
And again
This, this, this
Here, Now
Love, Now
Peace, Now
Every breath into me
Every breath of me
I settle now and become
One with all things
With everyone
And whole with love
Filling me
And spreading out
Stretching into the world
On each breath
That I take
And remember

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