First of all, I love your perspective on this. I don’t disagree with it. However, I’m curious about something. If I’ve tried online dating extensively and found it to be an enormous drain on my personal resources (energy, time, etc), then do you still believe that we should all succumb to internet dating because it’s the digital age? It seems like the authenticity I’ve been working toward is telling me that it’s not the right path for me. Also, as a divorced single mother, my dating challenges will be markedly different from a woman in her 20s without children from a previous relationship. That has to be honored, too.

I like how you address magic and putting work into making it happen. I think becoming more involved in my areas of interest serves the dual purpose of living a full life as a single individual but also puts me out there to cross paths with people who share those interests. It is more difficult, but I would rather wait for the right connection than settle for the wrong one.

The women I know looking for relationships aren’t typically setting the sort of physical requirements you mentioned. While attraction and chemistry is a factor, most of the single people I know are just looking for someone to connect with, who makes them laugh, and who is honest about who they are. Common interests are great, but meeting someone with a similar growth mindset would be nice.

I’m so glad you took the time to share your perspective. I’m considering it carefully. I’m also honoring the part of me that says my path might be different. Not because it’s cool. Certainly not because it’s easier (it’s not). But because it strikes a chord in me that says there are times we should focus on loving ourselves more and allowing love to happen by saying Yes more to the experiences and events that we enjoy and saying no to playing the numbers game of online dating. That’s where I am right now with it, although that may change, too.

Thank you for reading and sharing!!!

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