Footsteps Fading into the Night

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Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

Steps have walked away from me before
I smile through tears as I watch them go
Because inevitably one day they will return
But the me of now isn’t one they’d know
I burn the bridges as they’re crossing over
And reach out to warm my hands above flaming embers
I watch them walk away, so sure of going
I wonder how long it will take them to remember
They stride away as if leaving me was easy
But the hand that strikes the match is weighted down
I wonder if they pause as they go to really see me
I wonder if they’re tempted to turn around
And as the ash floats up into the distance
And as the embers begin to fade from sight
I hope the sound of your steps leaving are a comfort
And not the thing that haunts all other nights
As the dawn begins to light the darkness
I stand and reconnect with something true
The love I carry didn’t recede with you into darkness
It stayed while you went on to start anew
I’ll carry love in a heart too full with memory
I’ll honor who we were with every breath
But when you return don’t expect to find me
I transformed the moment that you left.

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