Here’s a truth bomb you may not enjoy but is applicable: if you were with someone who did that to you, you still chose to be in that relationship. The point of this article is that we can continue to blame our exes for how they treated us and stay angry until the day we die, or we can accept responsibility for the fact that we chose those relationships, which probably indicates we had some serious issues of our own that need to be addressed. If we can use difficult situations to empower ourselves to change our lives and grow as individuals, we certainly won’t be able to fix the past but we can create a better, healthier future.

No one has to love us back or be in a relationship with them. Regardless of why it’s over, it’s over. So, it goes back to my original point: you choose what you do next. Stay angry and learn nothing or choose to use a challenging situation to learn, grow, and claim a happy life in the aftermath. It’s not about heroes and villains; it’s entirely about choosing to give up our power or step into it.

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