I agree with so much of what you’re saying, but this comes across like all those men who speak up to say “men, too" and “but women…”. While I agree that women can also engage in toxic behaviors, many of them stem from the same patriarchal systems that brought us toxic masculinity. The difference is that toxic masculinity is getting women raped and killed, not made to feel slightly uncomfortable. While women need to hold ourselves accountable for our behaviors, toxic femininity isn’t the elephant in the room. I agree with the other commenter that toxic femininity is more like eating disorders, etc, and less like complaining about PMS. While I think this is excellent food for thought for women to evaluate their own behavior, #BelieveWomen isn’t condoning liars. It’s asking that crimes against women be taken as seriously as any other and to be investigated without gender bias. We also need to be actively working to bring down the patriarchal systems that create toxic gendered behavior, and toxic feminity is not exactly a priority when you compare it to the outcomes of toxic masculinity.

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