I hope you’re able to work in some time just for you. It’s important to hold on to some space and solitude, even in relationships, just so that both people can get what they need. In my last relationship, I had to stubbornly refuse to surrender my space and time when it was needed because I find that I will get sick or experience heightened anxiety if I can’t get what I need when I need it. Even if it’s just a few minutes of quiet or rest. I’m not in a relationship now, but I do have two small, noisy children, and I have to talk to them about moments of quiet as well. We’re learning to be respectful of each other’s needs. I think I’m raising extroverts, which makes it a challenge, but it’s nice that they’re learning to make room for introvert needs, too. I hope you can make room for yours and get a little peace, quiet, and relaxation to keep up with your busy life. Thanks for reading!

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