I’m not at all bitter, so you may be projecting here. I’m simply stating that women need to stop demonizing former partners because they’ve been given one side of the story of those relationships. Instead, it would be healthier to acknowledge that the version of the person we know and love may have been at a different developmental period earlier in their lives and thus had different relationships. My partner and I both agree that we were different in previous relationships than we are now; that’s a part of normal human development. To acknowledge that we have natural feelings seeing this happen with former partners is just being honest. Instead of reading for understanding, you seem to have read for the opportunity of explaining at length your own experience on this topic in the comments section. While you are perfectly free to disagree, I don’t feel invalidated because you chose to interpret this as bitterness rather than as me processing my experience and offering a different perspective for other women going through it.

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