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And one day soon
You and I will be strangers
Like we were once before
Except we will know things
That strangers could not know
Like how we take our coffee
And what side of the bed we prefer
Our secret fears
Our private dreams
But we will be returned
To the land of small talk
To the polite exchange of hellos
When we meet by chance
That awkward shuffling of feet
Eyes searching for an exit
Like they once searched for each other in the dark
And that quicksilver flash of pain
Because the two of us
Standing between aisles of carefully stacked goods
Were once you and I, an “us”
Now we are only two people
Who once knew everything
There was to know about the other
We built a future in our heads
That never was to be
And now we’re just two people
Who can’t figure out
How to say goodbye politely
Or how the hell the two of us
Ever came to be in this moment
Strangers once more.

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