It isn’t a perfect relationship at all if one partner isn’t happy or getting their needs met within the relationship. On the contrary, my life is about me. No one should martyr themselves for a relationship because the other person is happy in it. That is codependent behavior, and it’s incredibly unhealthy. It’s not selfish to make choices based on what is best for ourselves as individuals; it’s selfish to ask someone to stay in a relationship and sacrifice themselves because it suits us. A healthy relationship allows for both partners to have their needs met. Perhaps you should read those articles on narcissism yourself as your viewpoint suggests a great deal of it rather than considering the well-being of both individuals. If more people got out of the wrong relationships, we just might have more happy ones in this world. Taking care of oneself isn’t narcissism; it’s an essential part of being a healthy human capable of being in a healthy relationship.

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