MicroPoetry and #LettersToLostLovers


I fall asleep glad that you are gone
Sincerely happy for this extra space
And relieved that I have finally moved on
And pleased my dreams are free now of your face
And yet the morning leaves me oddly moved
I guess it should come as no surprise
That even though I know it’s best I’m rid of you
I find myself still haunted by your eyes
How they held all that love
And all those lies
A perfect lake
You wore
As a


I miss the way my head fit
Perfectly on your shoulder
How you held me as if
You’d never let me go
The last time you held me
I soaked your shirt with tears
As if part of me knew
What I now know
That there was always
Going to be a last time
That I was going to
Have to let you go.


You were my perfect muse
And her perfect man
I would always lose
But she would understand
That I’d have rather had the man
Than the muse
Isn’t it lucky
That I didn’t get to choose


I carried the weight of loss
For 10 long years
Longer than I ever called you friend
You were the ghost
Behind my every fear
Did you even think of me again
I called and listened
To the ringing of the phone
I sent a hundred letters
You never replied
How did it feel to leave me so alone
To know with certainty
That every time I cried

I grieved for you as if you had died

And now I see you in photos on her wall
It turns out you didn’t die at all
You lived on and formed a new life
Had a child, even had a wife
But I still hear the ringing in my ears
Being left without a word is still a fear
A hundred letters sit waiting for you to say
Why you chose to end us in that way.


They say I need closure.
But what I really want is to rewrite our story with a different ending.
No amount of closure will make this one any better.

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