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I’m a bare faced
Messy hair
Love laced
Impatient mind
Thoughts undefined
Leaving so many
Loves behind
I’m clear skin
And a fragile mind
Heart wearing thin
My love unwinds
And in all the noise
I’m loving you
But we’re just toys
Once you are through
I’m bare faced
But filled with grace
Messy hair
A basket case
But you once held me
In your arms
You once freed me
With your charms
And you once took me
For a ride
I was in danger
But felt safe inside
Now I’m stripped down
I’m naked now
My face is bare
You’re not around
To see the mess
You left behind
Your impatient heart
My thoughts unwind
But I’m filled with grace
Do you see this face?
My messy hair
A basket case
But you took me for a ride
And I escaped
I’m safe inside
And love unwinds
I’m stripped down
I’m only me
I’m naked now.

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