Not all people who are celibate refer to themselves as “incels”. That is specific to the toxic masculinity that blames women and feminism in particular for their condition. She didn’t say in this article that she has no sympathy for people who aren’t getting their physical needs met. She addressed incels in particular, which doesn’t apply to everyone who may not be celibate by choice but to the people who identify with the current movement.

You’re within your rights not to identify as feminist. I’m just telling you flat out that no matter how many meetings you’ve attended, you still don’t get it. Feminists are both men and women (or non-binary persons) who support gender equality. Feminism in its inclusive and intersectional form is working toward that equality, which also addresses issues that are harmful to men. You don’t have to adopt the label, but you should at least think about broadening your understanding of the movement if you’re going to comment on it.

Feminism isn’t just for women. Equality is good for everyone. Anyone who believes that equality is good for everyone is a feminist, whether they adopt the label or not.

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