Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

You casually tell me
About your friends
Who happened to meet
Swiping on this app
How it was lovely
And not sordid
Or pathetic at all
As if I would have thought
That at all anyway
You express condolences
On my divorce
And then the most recent lover
Who’s gone now
With undertones of sympathy
For my single status
If only I were less forward
Less outspoken
Less opinionated
More pliable
If I changed my hair
And lengthened my lashes
The better to bat them with
If I wrote less about the real
And more about the weather
And if I loved myself more
Then I could find Him
The One
Mr. Right
If I only I were to bend myself
Into new shapes, then
It would happen for me
Like it happened for you
And your friends who met online
And lived happily ever
There are many fish in the sea
So it must be me

But here’s what you’re missing
My untethered heart
Is boundless
And abundant
My love is not confined
To lovers, to shared coffee,
Candlelit dinners, long walks,
Shared beds, shared names
A plus-one for all events
My unbound heart
Tastes freedom
Feels joy
Knows comfort
It’s not bound up waiting
For someone else to patch
The cracks caused by another
Too careless to have ever handled it
It’s not tethered down
Praying that someone will see it
Will love it, will choose it
As if I am not someone
Who sees it and loves it and chooses it
You look at me with pity
Like you don’t see my wings
I look at you with pity
Because you don’t know
You’ve clipped yours.

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