This is the second volume in a series of poems bite-sized enough to carry with you wherever the day may take you. Wrap them up to place in a pocket, and then unwrap them at your leisure. Place them gently on your tongue, taste them, and swallow them down. A sweet or bitter taste may depend on the mood- mine when I wrote it, yours when you taste it. I hope they nourish your soul, but if you should happen to choke on a small bit, feel free to spit that back out and carry on. Namaste!

V. Packaging

Wrapped up in lies
Sincere eyes
Pleaded understanding
Love is strong
But truth is demanding
I wanted to believe
But truth freed
And now I grieve

VI. Gifts

Trust is a gift
The receipt I discard
Wrapped up with a bow
Attached to a card
Handed it to you
My heart in my eyes
Watched you destroy it
With deception and lies
I can’t throw it out
No receipt for returns
So I roast this marshmallow
While watching it burn.

VII. Murder

I never feared
Your darkness
Just your silence
How it kills me now
Gentle violence.

VIII. Theft

You don’t haunt me now
And never have
The memory of me
Takes my own breath
How I could be so blind
To your theft
You stole my heart
You had no right
Gained my trust
Then robbed me in the night
My chest is now a steady ache
Robbers, be warned
There’s nothing left to take.

IX. I Complete Me.

Your argument
Won’t change my single state
My love for me
Does not make me less
Or make others more
Because a wedding dress
Hangs in a closet
Gathering dust like memories
I’m not half of a whole
Because I’m free.

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