Rewrite Every Line But This

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

This love affair is done
It’s true
Once we were we
Now we’re just
Me and you
I can see your face
Closed up and folding in
You want to rewrite
The us of then
To make me another
To twist what we had
To turn it into something
That makes you
Angry not sad
We’ve all been there
So I’ll say this
You can rewrite every line
But not our first kiss
Perfect and moonlit
Held there on a swing
You can rewrite every line
But not that one little thing
And don’t take away
The flowers you picked by hand
Don’t take those salt kisses
As we stood on the sand
Or my hand in yours
As the waves knocked us down
The first time I felt fearless
Because you were my solid ground
Don’t take back the night
We were enchanted by song
Your hand in my hand
As we were both swept along
Rewrite every moment
But there’s one you can’t touch
Don’t ever dare tell them
I didn’t love you that much
That my heart didn’t shatter
When the end came to be
That I didn’t miss you
When you were no longer with me
Don’t say I didn’t love you
Beyond the end
Don’t say I won’t always
Need you as my friend
Rewrite every line
Erase every last kiss
But not that I love you
Rewrite everything
But this.

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