We forget that we are sacred beings
Made up of
Intentional heartbeats
Of divine breath
Of souls kissed with wonder
And steps light in our power
Eyes that see magic
And mouths that taste hope
Ears that hear angels
In the every day
Bird-singing, children-playing,
Lives-living world
We forget that we are, all of us,
And so we turn our hearts to stone
Move our breath too quickly
Through our bodies
Never pausing to recognize
The subtle movement of
I, I, I am
With each inhale
The subtle exhale of
I love, I love, I love
Instead, we breathe busy
And work
And endless things we think we have to do
Because we do not know that we are free
And powerful
And divine
And we don’t recognize
The divinity of others
And so we treat them
Like the cashier ringing our groceries
Rather than a precious soul our soul meets along the way
We treat them like a woman
In line with too many items in the self checkout
Instead of grace-filled and miraculous
Like a man waiting at the crosswalk
While we are rushing to the next place
Like he is not heaven-sent and holy
Like a child who asks too many questions
Whose essential magic is lost on us
We forget to see their holiness
To meet it with our own
We worship all the wrong things
Like the light from the television
And the music from our ear buds
The nicer car and larger house
And more presents than we can fit under the tree
And piles of paper money
Then there is time
How it feels like it hangs heavy on our hands
Or else slides through our hands
Like so much sand
And we never get enough of it
And one day we were 5
And delighted by the playground swing
And another day 15
Pleased by nothing
More than the smile from the boy
We wish would kiss us
And 25 and wondering when our lives begin
Unaware that the answer is
Now, and always
And 35 wondering where it all went
Because it feels like so much less ahead
Than behind
And so it goes
Onward marching toward death’s door
Like death isn’t just a passage
To somewhere else
Frog-stepping through lives filled
With obligation
Our souls locked and weighted down
By how things look
And what we need
And we always think we need more
Than we have
And we always have
So very much
We forget that we are sacred beings
We forget our only job is to nurture our souls
And to spread love to others
We forget magic and power
Is not just a tale for children
And we tell the children to believe
And then that they have grown too old
To believe
And we need to believe
We forget that we are, all of us,

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