There’s no such thing as “brutal femininity.” It’s clear that you don’t understand fragile masculinity or the patriarchal constructs that have created it, but this response clearly embodies it. Rather than taking a defensive stance, it would be more beneficial to answer the questions in this piece. If you said yes to any of them, you meet the criteria for fragile masculinity. Being able to accept that is essential to change. Feminists, male or female ones, aren’t insecure for discussing toxic or fragile masculinity. Identifying systematic oppression is necessary to create the kind of social change that will allow men and women to be free of limiting gender norms that create these complexes. You should probably research this topic to understand rather than to attack. That strong reaction you’re having is symptomatic of the problem. This isn’t bullying any more than pointing out an addiction to a friend is bullying. This is helping.

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