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I. Press Delete

You can delete my name
But not our past
Block the memories
But they still last
Pretend we never were
Until it feels true
You don’t run away from me
You run from you

II. I Found Your Letters

I came across the letters
That you once wrote
I read them with my heart
Stuck in my throat
I love the man who
Once held this pen
Who could write these words
And let me in
But not the one who
Told me all the lies
Not the one
Who changed
Before my eyes.

III. Albatross

Loving you is a wave, and I drown
I can’t seem to fight all the loss
And even though I’d like to forget
Remembering is the price that love costs
And remembering you drags me down deep
Into worlds shiny with love but heavy with lies
I can’t open my mouth to scream
The ocean’s formed from the tears of my eyes
And each wave is a memory found
Each current is the love that we knew
I try to break the surface for air
I try to let the current carry me to you
And yet I know we’re oceans apart
There’s no tide that can change what we know
I’ve been drowning for weeks holding on
And now I finally have to let go
So that I can at last take a breath
So that I’m not pulled under the wave
I wanted to keep the love to myself
But there are some things we can’t save
Unless we want to be drowned
Under the weight of love and loss
And those memories just pull us back down
But that’s only love’s albatross.

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