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Other times, we doubt love because we’ve loved and lost.

I’ve experienced the attachment disguised as love.

Love is love, even if it doesn’t work out.

I’ve also learned that love doesn’t come on our command.

It’s magnificent when you think about it. Love is powerful. It may not change our personalities, but it certainly can make us softer and stronger and capable of forgiving more than we ever thought it could. It can be a knife’s edge of hurt in our hearts, and yet we can give it freely. It’s what makes us reach out to others who are hurting or alone. It’s what makes us better people.

But we’ve mixed up relationships with love.

I’ve gone through all of that and still believe in love. That it exists. That it’s out there for me. That the love I’ve experienced has been real, even if I wouldn’t have written those particular endings into my own story.

Love continues, and I believe.

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