You’re assuming that everyone has the same dating opportunities. I work as a writer: I don’t have colleagues or a workplace to go to where I encounter clients, customers, or even people along a route. I’m a single mother, and I don’t exactly pick up men with my kids in tow. There are a lot of reasons for choosing online dating that have nothing to do with striking out in real life and everything to do with not being in a position to meet people through the normal course of one’s day.

The age group of the men I date is older than 30, and these attitudes are extremely prevalent. I’m not expecting anyone to impress me but to show up and be genuine. I recently wrote a piece about not giving out participation trophies simply because a guy is nice. Nice should be a minimum standard, not something we all aspire to have in a significant other. Sorry, all nice guys everywhere.

Thank you for your insight and for reading! Just consider that there are a few of us out there because we don’t actually get a chance to meet people for other reasons, and we’d just like to meet some authentic people who are looking for connection and communication, not just a hookup.

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