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You’ve Forgotten You Are Magnificent

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

You seem to have forgotten that you are magnificent.

Your shoulders have grown tired from carrying the weight of the world. You shrug them as if to say, it’s no big deal. You shrug them, as if the movement could dislodge some of that weight.

Your sighs are heavy, as if you breathe out all of the emotions you’ve absorbed. The responsibilities you’ve carried. The worries you’ve stroked throughout the day. The anxieties you’ve tried your best to hide. The fear that you will never have what you’ve dreamed, or that maybe you will. The changes you’ve dealt with that felt more like disappointment and heartache. You breathe it out in a heavy breath that seems like it will never end, and yet you can not get enough breath into your body to ease the ache.

Your eyes are anxious, darting away from contact or closing for a beat too long as you try to manage all of the feelings that keep hitting. You search for an authentic connection, for hope, for signs that you are moving in the right direction, for signs that you haven’t fucked up your entire life, for reasons to keep going, for reasons to turn back, for reasons.

You have forgotten that you are magnificent.

You have forgotten your own beautiful resilience. You’ve forgotten that your foundations have been shaken, even destroyed, more than once. You’ve forgotten that you took a world flattened by hardship and disappointment and built a beautiful life from the ashes. You’ve created a stronger foundation from your suffering, and you’ve inspired others to do the same. Even if it means being the one who dismantles and destroys the worlds we’ve built in order to build a better one.

You have forgotten your resourcefulness. Don’t you remember all those times that you had nothing? All those times that you were made nothing? Have you forgotten how you built everything you have from nothing at all? You act as though everything you’ve been through to get to this point is for naught, and yet you were the one who was clever enough to move forward, to create a beautiful life with what you were given, to demand more from the remnants of what you once wanted. You were clever and innovative and brimming with tenacity.

You have forgotten your power. I should call you the magician. Or the witch. Which do you prefer? Because taking life’s ugliest hits and turning them into beauty is no small feat. You’ve forgotten how you summoned life back into a heart that hurt so much you thought it would never stop hurting. You’ve overlooked all the ways in which you met one challenge after another, only to keep moving forward. You don’t seem to remember how much love you’ve given the world, a power greater than any other- particularly when the world hasn’t always given you back enough of the love you’ve needed.

You have forgotten your beauty. Yes, your beauty. How flawless you are really. Sure, we all have our perfect imperfections. But you are beautiful as you are- your wide smile that lights up your eyes, the wrinkles that catch at the corners. You are beautiful with your angles and your curves- that body that has been strong enough to bear up under the weight of the whole world and keep breathing. You have forgotten to feel blessed for skin and bone and the steady beat of a heart that keeps going and keeps giving and doesn’t give up even when it wants to. You have forgotten to thank the Universe for this breath and this one and this. You have forgotten the beauty of a body that keeps living, and will one day return to the earth and become part of that, too.

You have forgotten that you are magnificent. You. You have seen only your failings, your mistakes, your challenges. You have forgotten that you have learned and tried and fought and survived. You have lived and loved and thrived. You are here for this breath and this one, your heart steady pumping to a beat of love, love, love even if it feels like hurts, hurts, hurts. You are magnificent.

Do you hear me?

You are magnificent. You are magnificent. You are magnificent.

One more time for the people in the back.

You. Are. Magnificent.

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